Legal fees are based on the “Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz” (legal guidelines for the compensation of legal representatives) if they are not established by personal arrangement. You will not be charged for the first estimate of your situation based on available information. A first consultation of this kind may be arranged shortterm by telephone or e-mail.  This first consultation however, is limited merely to a general classification of your situation. Our conferrence allows you to explain your accusation and serves to allow me to establish whether immediate measures are necessary in case of imminent threat of arrest or search and seizure of property. During this conversation further options may be discussed and an arrangement as to legal fees under consideration of the extent of my efforts and your financial situation may be reached.

Further payment alternatives include the previously stated calculation of legal fees on the basis of the RVG (I will of course inform you thoroughly with regard to the details hereof), payment on an hourly basis or an arrangement of a flat payment rate adapted to each section of the proceedings.

In a case of necessitated defense according to § 140 StPO, I may also be assigned to you in the role of public defender. This situation might apply if, for instance, a threat of imprisonment of at least one year may be expected. The payment of a public defense lawyer is established according to certain clauses contained in the RVG. This payment tends to be somewhat lower than the medium charge received by a private attorney and are initially paid by the state treasury. In case of conviction however, the state may lay the charge upon the convict in turn.

Once an agreement is reached, I will apply for an inspection of records with the appropriate authorities. Only the study of your case file will allow me an accurate assessment of the evidence and severity of the accusation. Based on this insight we may then proceed to develop a defense strategy.